15 Best Resources To Learn PHP Online

PHP is the scripting language can be embedded into HTML , used for develop web applications. Every type of websites can create with the help of this language. This language can run almost on every operating system and platform. Java, .Net, Perl and many more are language used for creating websites with its different and useful functionality. PHP  language have some popular features and functionality which makes it popularity among developers.

Online tutorials always being popular among internet users. their are number of websites to help providing designs and development tutorials which help to learn different everytime. Web design and development tutorials always make popularity among up-coming designers and developers.




Today we have listed 15 best website to learn PHP online. You can find everything about PHP from these websites.  i hope developers will love to find these resources to learn PHP online. You can share your views in our comment section below.

1) PHP.net

2) PHP Builder

3) Deniweb Forum

4) W3Schools


5) Stack Overflow


6) PHP Edit


7) PHP Designer

8 ) Zend Studio


9) WikiBook’s PHP Books


10) PHP  Tutorials


11) Developer Tutorials


12) 9Lessons


13) Hot Scripts


14) PHP Freaks


15) Big Resouces


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